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WASTE OIL NET (WON) is a leading company specialized in used cooking oil collection and treatment.

WON Ltd.: 

  • A leading company in the field of raw materials trade for green energy production;
  • National coverage network for waste oil collection;
  • Own refinery for waste oil treatment;
  • Qualified staff with extensive experience in the field of waste handling fats in Bulgaria since 2002;
  • Operates locally and internationally;
  • Offers innovative solutions for its customers;
  • Conduct regular training for personnel to improve quality of service;
  • Invest in extensive research for new possible use of RES in other fields;
  • Popularized renewable energy.

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Collection of used cooking oil as raw material for production of biofuels and electricity

According to the Bulgarian Legislation (the Environmental Protection Act and the Waste Management Act) and in compliance with the European Union Legislation, USED COOKING OIL is waste harmful for the environment. Its proper treatment is its owner’s responsibility.

Waste management shall be implemented for the purpose of prevention, mitigation or limitation of the harmful impact of waste on human health and on the environment...(art. 57 of Environmental Protection Act).).

The persons wherein the activities involve generation and/or treatment of waste shall be obliged to ensure the recycling and safe disposal of the said waste in a manner that does not present a hazard to human health...(art. 58 of the Environmental Protection Act).

It is important to know that since 2010 all producers of food products should guarantee to the supervision bodies that they treat the used cooking oils and fats according to law.

WON can guarantee that after collecting the used cooking oil of the respective food producer – factory, workshop, hotel, restaurant, etc – it will not harm, directly or indirectly, the environment or human health.

This UCO will not be used to feed animals, will not be disposed of at sewage drains or into the soil, will not be used for fuel without preliminary processing, will not be used for the illegal production and sale of biodiesel, etc.

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